Chef’s Corner : May/June 2012

Cover7-Chefs CornerCompleting a year calls for a celebration. As a popular ad states ‘kuch meetha ho jaye’! This issue is dedicated to popular desserts.

For India inspired we have traditional south Indian sweets to delicacies from Bengal and Orissa, as well as Goan delights and north Indian favourites.

Chocolate is always a favourite and Chef Anurag shares recipes using chocolate as an ingredient.

We also have quite a few pan-Asian desserts and a choice of continental depending on what the main course is.

Quite of few of the recipes have an experimental flair that brings something new and interesting to the table.

The various recipes have been sent in from professional chefs across the country and it is interesting to see how the traditional locks arms with the experimental and offers such a vaeriety of options in cuisine.

The Chef’s corner segment on the website has a lot of additional recipes, culinary know-how and informative features. Do explore it at leisure.

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Dessert Recipes

3 responses to “Chef’s Corner : May/June 2012”

  1. Akash says:

    don’t think i have the patience to make but love to eat all these desserts :)

  2. Kanchan says:

    this is a better way to do it. at least we can focus on a theme. lots of great recipes. how can I download ?

  3. sonam says:

    all the recipes look really yummy. my favourite is the chocolate one

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