Chai Studio: Bringing Indian home decor ideas to the Pacific

Designer Amerjit Ghag is based in Honolulu, Hawaii and sources traditional Indian furniture and furnishings for her eclectic design store—Chai Studio. Devoted to all things handmade she creates a slice of India in the Pacific. Indian home decor ideas.

Amerjit Ghag's home featured on Prismma

Amerjit Ghag’s home featured on Prismma

Amerjit Ghag’s store—Chai Studio, reveals her creativity in the commercial realm. She sources most of the home decor products from India and gives each piece her unique touch by transforming them into unique design elements for a setting. For example, a wooden Chakki, with the addition of a large pouffee has been transformed into unique seating! Most items are hand-made, limited edition or one of a kind.  Amerjit is a great lover of hand-crafted things; bedding, pillows, throws, bangles, glassware, chandelier earrings, tunics—the list is endless.

Amerjit Ghag's home featured on Prismma

Amerjit Ghag’s home featured on Prismma

Currently, she has set her sights on hand-crafted products from other parts of the world like South America and Africa, and is in the process of sourcing them for her gorgeous store. Look forward to seeing that collection as well.  Chai Studio caters to a wide range of clientele, the common thread being an interest in textiles and handcrafted items, coupled with an unabashed love for colour and pattern.

Amerjit Ghag's home featured on Prismma

Amerjit Ghag’s home featured on Prismma


“I have a wide variety of customers, I think many of them have an appreciation for handcrafted items and a love for textiles.”

Amerjit’s long term goal is to create a retail experience with a social conscience. She plans to expand her range of fair trade products that support cottage industries in various parts of the world.

cushions design Amerjit 3

Though she migrated at a young age she has a strong bonding with her country which is clearly evident in her beautiful home as well as her store.  “Of course, I am India-inspired so naturally everything I do will carry that influence” says Amerjit, with a lovely smile.


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  1. Akash says:

    its nice to see indian designs reach the far corners of the world. great effort by amerjit

  2. Kanchan says:

    dpoes she also have a store in india or does she design in india and take it to hawaii ?

  3. kk says:

    everything has a story of its own!!

  4. Kanchan says:

    Nice to indian products popular all over the world. Colourful and vibrant

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