Cannelloni and Ginger Soup with Herb Frito Misto



120 gm                      Cannelloni beans

50 gm                        Onion

10 gm                        Ginger

20 ml                         Olive oil – extra virgin

5 gm                           Salt

Few sprigs                Basil

Few sprigs                Mint

Few sprigs                Rucola/ rocket leaves

50 gm                         Refined flour

For frying                 Refined oil

1 no                             Bay leaf


  1. Sauté onion and ginger in olive oil.
  2. Add the cannelloni beans, water and bay leaf and boil till tender.
  3. Blend and strain.
  4. Wash the herbs and dredge them with flour.
  5. Make a batter with refined flour, dip the herbs in it and fry them.
  6. Season the soup; add the fried herbs (frito misto) and olive oil.



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