Blissful Home : Vasudha’s home in Bangalore

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Moving in and out of India has been constantly happening in my life. This has taught me to live with less things around me and I guess all of you know the reasons. Packing and unpacking has been the trend every 2 years. Although I hate it, I sometimes enjoy it because of the places we get to see and the de-cluttering that happens almost automatically every time we move out.


In spite of all these, I still have a huge collection of knicks knacks from all over the world. Its now my hobby to seasonally change these to give a new look everytime I re-decorate. I love colours and so my general style is eclectic,  colourful, with little less clutter as possible. For this blissful homes contest, I am sharing some pictures of my home in Bangalore, India. My idea this time was to decorate my house in the most inexpensive way possible. I explored the local handicrafts and bought quite a few from Channapatna, a small town near Mysore, famous for its handmade wooden toys. This adds a traditional Mysore touch to my house. These toys add colour and form to the decor. I also used an old classic wooden clothes hanger as a accessories stand.My chestnut trunk was decopaged with prints from raja ravi verma’s paintings that I found on a calendar. This doubles as a small table too. My home is generally filled with candles and incense for a truly blissful feel.


31 responses to “Blissful Home : Vasudha’s home in Bangalore”

  1. Amrita says:

    beautiful home not house!!!!

  2. Archana says:

    you are so creative and real good artists…just love the way you design homes and things…all the best vasu

  3. marda says:

    so beautiful…………Thanks for sharing…

  4. rakshita says:

    wow really amazing mam!!!!!mainly d pooja room door!!over all vibrant and speechless mam!!!!

  5. shweta says:

    super ! love it 😉

  6. Nayana says:

    love it… so much personal touch and love all collectibles. beautiful!

  7. veda says:

    I always love the way u decorate all ur homes vasu.

  8. My3 says:

    Super house! I have a similar looking flat but no Perumal room. My parents have a lovely door like that with bells on it. Very pretty house.

  9. Kala says:

    Gorgeous and vibrant. Loved all of the beautiful artwork and how you have made it so special with your personal collection:)

  10. Roopa says:

    Truly wonderful, Vasudha! Great!

  11. Rama Ananth says:

    Beautiful home Vasudha.

  12. Richa says:

    Beautiful home. Loved the traditional feel that this home has. Awesome.

  13. vasudha says:

    Thanks a ton guys!!!!

  14. vineet says:

    A wonderful Home ! I vote for this

  15. G. S. Vijay Lakshmi says:

    Hi Mam, the thought of using the wooden clothes hanger as an accessory stand is superb and even I liked the pooja room door the most, overall its awesome mam…..

  16. Kamal says:

    wow….maam…liked the incorporation of lovely indian tradition in the interiors……Warm colour scheme.

  17. Sanghamitra says:

    Beautiful home! Love the ethnic touch! Voted!!

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