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My flat is part of a small building in a quaint neighbourhood in Bangalore called Cooke town. The flat had an old world charm to it which I wanted to retain.


I come from Chettinad, a region in Tamil Nadu that is a consortium of around 74 villages. Our ancestors were known for their financial acumen which took them to many countries around the world – Singapore, Malaysia, Burma, and Europe. And they brought in their influences from these regions into their palatial mansions in Chettinad. I have always been fascinated by the vibrant colours and kitsch mix of traditional south Indian, eastern & European influences at my grandfather’s and grand-uncles homes in Chettinad. So I wanted to bring some of it to my own place. I was also very keen to try and restore furniture to reduce the amount of fresh wood being consumed.

The 7ft feet burmese turquoise windows are over 80 years old and were saved from a building that was getting demolished. The pillars have been picked up locally. The flooring is traditional ‘Athangudi flooring’ of Chettinad. The tile table has been hand-made from antique tiles found in Chettinad homes. Most of the furnishings for my home have been made from saris and traditional materials. My house for me is a trip down memory lane and an attempt to make more people aware about Chettinad and its inherent rich heritage.


20 responses to “Blissful Home : Karthik’s home in Bangalore”

  1. shophofindia says:

    You should be pleased! I love the seating next to blue window. Its looks stunning!

  2. Hi Karthik,
    am not able to see the pics!!

  3. Mythili says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Myself and my husband planning to build a chettinad house,please help us,we need good masons.we don’t know how to find them,if you know some good workers,please refer

  4. Ramya says:

    superba iruku Karthik…specially the game “pallakuzhi”…

    Brilliant colours….

  5. shrilampi says:

    Lovely lovely home.. I have visited chettinad and could have never imagined its larger than life elements fitting into an apartment.. Good job. Good luck…

  6. Geetha says:

    Had seen your home pics in AT. Who says one can not combine old & new; east & west…etc. After all one’s home should showcase all one’s likes. Is it not? :-) You have done it wonderfully! My vote is definitely for you!

  7. Divya@SHP says:

    Karthik- Your home is absolutely stunning! I remember your home vividly from the first glimpse I got of it on RangDecor. Chettinad decor holds a special place, I’m rooting for you :)

  8. Jaishree says:

    Lovely place that you live in, Karthik! The best part of your home according to me has to be the 90yr old stained glass windows with that uber cool window seat. Reminds me of my in-laws home in our native village, complete with the slanting back rests. The seats are so glossy – is it polished red oxide? I also like the flooring here and in the bedroom – I guess those must be Athangudi? Wish you a happy life in this beautiful home :)

    • karthik says:

      Hi jaishree. yup! the seating next to the blue windows are made of red oxide. Typically called a ‘tinnai’ found oustide most south indians for guests to rest on when they arrive or leave :-) and the tiles are from athangudi – very reasonably priced, absolutely soothing to walk on and are very low maintenance.

  9. This is absolutely gorgeous. Really love your home. Voted.

  10. Vandana says:

    absolutely stunning interiors!loved the tour of your home.

  11. Michelle says:

    Lovely are a winner!!!!

  12. neela Arun says:

    Wow!!!! Great job with the interiors……. Love the fusion of modern with traditional :)

  13. Rama Ananth says:

    Beautiful home, very well photographed too. I liked the first time I saw it in Archana’s Rang Decor. The tiles and colored glasses, and lamp shades everything looks very classy and welcoming. You have managed to bring Chettinadu into your home beautifully.

  14. Suchi says:

    Hi Karthik,

    Loved your home, the Burmese window frames are stunning (kudos to you for finding these gems and reusing them), the various tile schemes (they almost look like carpets), the doors…my vote goes to your lovely home.



    • karthik says:

      thanks Suchi! The burmese windows are a part of Bangalore’s history. Was lucky enough to get hold of them just as a observatory of the very famous St. Joseph’s college was getting demolished . The tiles are from Athangudi, a place in chettinaadu and is a huge small scale industry in the region.

  15. Ash says:

    To create a southern style home out of a modern apartment, you have to be truly passionate about it! Awesome, Karthik!

  16. shilpi says:

    I think i saw your home in apartment therapy a while back and have totally smitten by your style since then, the bookshelf , pillars , window frames and floorings completely t die for. I love how you have incorporated traditional pieces with overall mordern look. My vote goes to you !!

  17. Kamini says:

    WOW, nothing short of spectacular! The b/w pics, the railway station clock, the pillars, the tilesB…takes me back to our ancestral home in Palakkad! And the BEST thing I liked was that window seat by the blue arched windows! Fabulous Karthik! Voting…..

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