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The bedroom is an extremely private space as far as home interiors are concerned – it is your personal space, your haven and as such adequate planning is required to achieve the perfect bedroom design.

Let me share with you 10 important things to consider in bedroom design.

First and foremost is the floor plan of the room – the area, placement of doors and windows etc. Would you like to change the position of the door or windows, or perhaps enlarge the windows? Is there any scope for increasing the floor area, if required? You can then work out all the other aspects, with respect to the area and the plan.


The next thing to consider is the style and type of bedroom you prefer. Traditional, modern, contemporary, ultra-modern, fusion – what type do you prefer? Are you rooting for any particular theme? Keep this in mind while you put all the elements together.


Look at the walls – think about your choice of colours, patterns etc. Keep the style and the height of the room as well as the total area in mind while choosing the colours for the walls. Would you like to go in for an accent wall, one that makes a stunning design statement? Do you prefer wall paper or paint and if you prefer the latter, would you like a plain or textured effect? Do you prefer to keep the wall colour neutral, so as to play around with the other elements in the room?


Next on the list is the flooring – there are various options to suit every style/theme, taste as well as budget. Hardwood, marble, granite, tile, laminates – zero in on your choice from the long list. Keep the climate of the place in mind while choosing the flooring and also weigh all the pros and cons of the different types of flooring. Natural stone flooring aids in keeping the space cool and is a good option for warmer climates. Wooden flooring on the other hand imparts warmth and suits colder climates.


Bedroom furniture is a very important aspect of bedroom design. Beds and bed side tables, seating according to availability of space, wardrobes – type and style, writing table, dresser etc have to be considered. Choose smaller pieces of furniture if the room is small; this will keep clutter away. Using multi-functional pieces like a bed with storage or a chest that can provide both storage as well as double up as a table or a seat are good options for small spaces.


To ensure a good night’s sleep the right kind of mattress is essential. Hence, bedding – mattress, pillows, cushions, duvets etc should be given importance and this is indeed an aspect to consider in bedroom design.

The next point to consider in bedroom design is the upholstery and furnishings. Curtains, cushions, upholstery of seating, bed-cover etc adds to the overall appeal and uplifts the bedroom design tremendously.


Lighting is an extremely important aspect to consider in bedroom design. Proper lighting sets the mood and echoes the ambience. Dimmers will further enhance the appeal and prolong the life of the lights. Bed-side lamps, ambient light as well as decorative lighting should be considered according to the style/type of bedroom design.


Decorative elements such as artwork and artefacts further enhance the look of the bedroom and should be considered as well.

Smart storage is a very useful and essential element in the bedroom and should be considered while designing a bedroom. Storage within the bed – beneath or inside the headrest, chests, ottomans etc that can provide storage, wardrobe designs with maximum storage, utilisation of space below bay windows and bunk beds or loft beds for storage are useful points to consider.


Remember – your bedroom will reflect your personality; so go ahead and have fun in projecting it!



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