Bedroom design ideas: Choosing a bed

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Choosing the perfect bed design is an extremely important exercise as in addition to aesthetics, the quality of your sleep will also depend on this, by and large. It goes without saying that a good night’s sleep is essential for your well being.

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While choosing a bed design, one should keep in mind that going by the style or appearance alone would not be prudent. Many a time, people end up buying the wrong type of bed – one that is just not suitable for their lifestyle or comfort level.

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There are many styles or types of beds and according to the style and décor of your bedroom, you may make a decision. The size and shape of the room should also be assessed before choosing the bed design. Traditional, contemporary, modern or fusion – what style do you prefer?

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Do you require a single bed, or a double bed – either queen or king size? The width and length of the bed matters a lot. Very tall people should make sure that the length of the bed is enough to prevent their feet from touching the footboard of the bed. As for width, even in single beds, too narrow a bed is uncomfortable to sleep on. There are many who opt for double beds even if they do not have to share the bed with another person. This ensures comfort.

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The height of the bed should be taken into consideration. A very low bed (platform or floating) may not be suitable for the elderly or those with back and/or knee problems. Likewise an extremely high bed also may not suit the aforesaid category, as they may find it difficult to climb onto it.

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Do you prefer designs with headboards that are tall, or would you go in for ones that have short headboards. Do you sit up in bed and perform chores like reading or knitting or even watching TV? If so, the headboard should be comfortable to lean against and also should be at the right angle. Padded headboards and upholstered ones will be more comfortable and suitable for the purpose as opposed to hard ones made of wood or metal or laminates.

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The design/style of the bed should be based on personal preference rather than trends. Fancy a four poster bed – with or without canopy? Draped four poster beds are suitable to create a romantic and charming ambience in the bedroom. However, these are not suitable for very small rooms; they look good in rooms with double height ceilings and large rooms.

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Do you prefer Hollywood style beds – ones that are low, with tailored straight lines, either with or without headboards? Then there are very high and heavy looking beds with curved headboards and footboards (lower), resembling 19th century sleighs. These beds may be carved or otherwise. Platform or floating beds are preferred by many.

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Do you want a very traditional design or prefer contemporary chic? Heavily carved or sleek, straight lines – what’s your choice? Whatever you decide, make sure that your bed assures a good night’s sleep!!!

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