Bathtub design concepts

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A bathtub increases the luxury quotient of a bathroom. A good soak in the tub helps in relieving stress and aids in rejuvenating the tired body. There are ardent fans of showers and then there are die-hard worshippers of tub baths; many feel that their bath ritual is incomplete without a good soak in the tub! There are many designs in bathtubs to choose from – some old and traditional yet loved still and others innovative and modern. You have pre-fabricated bathtubs that come with instructions for installation and others that are built on site. Bathtub design


Let’s take a look at some old as well as some new and innovative designs in bathtubs……

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Free standing traditional bathtubs, claw foot tubs – these exude an old world charm. There are better versions these days. The shapes may vary, the older versions were oblong with slightly raised ends or even with one raised end. Modified versions show beautifully curved sides. Old fashioned tubs with shower rails above that enable to enclose the tub and prevent splashing of water on to the flooring looks charming.

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Sunken or drop in tubs with surrounds, decking etc. These may be customised by designing innovative surrounds and decking. Tubs come in various shapes like oval, round, rectangular, square and many unique and imaginative shapes.

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Glass tubs look very trendy – there is a wide range and colour choice in these. Tubs made of acrylic and cast iron, ceramic, porcelain etc come in various shapes and sizes. Glass and wood or glass and stone – there are various designs to choose from.

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Wooden tubs look classy – there are many great designs in these. The wood is specially treated to stand up to the moisture. A ceramic bathtub in an oval shape with a wooden border like platform along the rim looks trendy. Leaf shaped tub, egg shaped tub etc look alluring. Tubs are manufactured in many radical and funky designs as well.

Shankhwalker architects featured on Prismma

Shankhwalker architects featured on Prismma

Tubs are also fashioned out of various types of stones, coated metal etc.

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Corner tubs are space savers. If you are not blessed with the luxury of a decent sized bathroom, but would still want to install a tub in it, corner tubs would come to your aid.

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Tubs fitted into surrounds and wide decking are suitable for large bathrooms. Tubs without decking or surrounds, that sit squat on the floor also look great and give a sleeker look.

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Out of the box thinking has led to many radical designs as well. Space saving fold up tubs are good for small bathrooms.


Dive into the design world of bathtubs and surface with one that would tempt you to sink into and relax.

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