Bathrooms Tiles: Go for that makeover

Walls and flooring are two extremely important aspects to be addressed, during a bathroom makeover. No matter how classy and expensive the fixtures and accessories in your bathroom are, peeling walls and floors with worn out tiles and flaky grouting will most certainly ruin the aesthetics.

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Get rid of those damaged tiles on the walls and floor of your bathroom. Choose from the wide range available these days – rough textured or smooth finish, ceramic, porcelain, glass, mosaic etc. To minimize grouting, bigger tiles are a better option. However, small tiles can look good too, provided grouting in a similar shade is done flawlessly. When it comes to flooring, bigger tiles are better as they facilitate easy cleaning.

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Tiles in one solid colour, muticoloured, shaded, printed or patterned ones – the choice is yours. Always keep in mind the size of your bathroom, while shopping for tiles. Dark and bold colours will make the space look smaller. Multiple colour combinations and patterns too will make the space look constricting.

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A very small bathroom will look larger with the flooring and walls in one soft colour, that too the lighter the shade the better. However if you cannot do without colour, add a brighter border or accents in a complementary shade – either patterned or otherwise. A wiser method to add colour is to bring in the desired effect through accessories. Cladding an entire wall of the bathroom in mirrored glass, if possible, gives the illusion of space as well as enhances the beauty.

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If you have the luxury of a large bathroom, go ahead and experiment with bold colours , if you wish so. An all black tiled bathroom with similar floors and large mirrors with co-ordinated fixtures adds drama and looks classy. Similar effect can be achieved with other bold colours.

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However, if you wish to keep it light and airy, opt for soft colours. Highlights and accents, either in the form of borders or panels backing the fixtures, enhances the beauty. Here again remember the thumb rule – less is more. Too many colours and patterns in accents will ruin the effect.


Various effects may be achieved through clever use of accents – for example a beautiful floral pattern for borders or accents can inject a country feel to the space.

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An important point to keep in mind while tiling your bathroom – give utmost attention to the shower area. Anti-skid tiles are the best option, from the safety point of view. Textured tiles – pebbled, ribbed etc serves the purpose with the added advantage of looking trendy.

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You may incorporate one or more colours or textures to make your own signature design.  An amazing range is available in the market, to satisfy every customer’s fancy. In fact it is wise to have anti-skid tiles for the entire flooring of the bathroom.

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Ensure the flooring and walls are properly leveled before installing tiles, for a good finish as well as to minimize damage.

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Well if tiling doesn’t fit the bill, I’ll be back with other options for your bathroom walls and floors, soon.




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