Bathroom Tiles: Options and Ideas

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Choosing the perfect tile for your bathroom matters a lot – it can actually make or break the design of your bathroom. There are many options to suit any style as well as budget. Consider the aesthetics, the feasibility in terms of usage and maintenance and most importantly the budget. Bathroom Tiles

Residence by Archana Naik featured on Prismma

Residence by Archana Naik featured on Prismma


Ceramic tiles are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, shapes and patterns. Installation is easy and it is low maintenance as well. Ceramic tiles are popular as they are not very expensive, are easy to clean, long lasting and considered hygienic. Beautiful embossed designs as well as mosaic patterns further widens the choice.

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Porcelain tiles (sub-type of ceramic) are also available in many colours, shapes, sizes and designs and are considered tough and durable. Porcelain tiles require a special compound for setting due to its low porosity, hence installation should be done by trained personnel.

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Terracotta tile exude an earthy charm and is one of the oldest materials in the arena. They should be properly sealed for longevity. You may choose glazed or unglazed terracotta tiles – the latter imparts a weathered look.

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Marble – slab or tile, exudes luxury and will uplift the style of your bathroom. Tile marble will be cheaper than slab marble. Various types in an array of colours are available, some very expensive. Marble should be properly sealed.


Avoid strong cleansers, use mild detergent solution for cleaning and wipe off spills immediately. Acidic cleansers will spoil the marble due to its high porosity. Proper installation is necessary to prevent cracking and breakage.

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Slate tiles are preferred by many for the bathrooms. They look beautiful but since slate is a metamorphic rock with not very strong bonding between layers, tendency to split is present. Slate tiles should be set with mortar on a solid surface for longevity.

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Glass tiles in a multitude of colours, patterns and sizes are wonderful options for trendy bathrooms. These tiles are costly and require expertise in installation.

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Metal tiles and petrified wood tiles and carved stone tiles are other options. Available in many beautiful designs, these tiles impart glamour and style to the bathroom.


Recycled glass pebble tiles, mother of pearl tiles, three dimensional tiles, shell mosaic tiles etc are used to enhance the style quotient. Tiles combining two materials are also available, for example glass and stainless steel combination.

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When it comes to tiling options, the customer is spoilt for choice these days. The types and designs are so many, the colours and textures varied and the finishes trendy. Once you’ve zeroed in on the right tiles for your bathroom, half the battle is won – in terms of bathroom design.


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