Bathroom renovation: Points to consider


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Do you feel that it is time to renovate your bathroom? Renovating the entire bathroom with major structural changes is quite a task. Sometimes all you have to do is make changes in certain areas or aspects of the bathroom or renovate it partially. In total renovations the layout of the bathroom, entire flooring and walls, fixtures and fittings, cabinets and vanities, lighting design – everything is changed.

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In the case of partial renovations, the main thing to do is to ascertain whether there are any damaged or faulty elements in the bathroom that need to be replaced. This could be a small thing like a cracked mirror or an old showerhead or a major aspect like damaged and unsightly flooring or walls. There are times when everything is okay but you wish for a new look and hence need to renovate.

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Do you need to change the flooring in your bathroom? Are those bathroom tiles looking unsightly? If the tiles are cracked or chipped, you may need to change them. More often than not flaky and grimy grouting is the culprit. Remove the old grouting and re-apply and seal it well; you will be astonished to see the difference. Sometimes, resurfacing or polishing and sealing the existing flooring would do the trick.


If you wish to go in for an entirely different material, you need to change the flooring. Same is the case with the walls. You may even realise that a coat of paint or new grouting or replacing some broken tiles is all that is needed to give your bathroom walls a spruced up look at times.

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Is everything okay with the bathroom vanity? Do you need to replace or reface the cabinets? Sometimes refacing the cabinets and changing the knobs and handles can do wonders to look of bathroom vanities.

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If your bathroom lacks natural light, you may consider opening up a window or installing a skylight to brighten the space. Ditch that teeny weenie mirror and install a huge mirror in the bathroom – mirrors reflect light and brighten the space. Is the lighting design in your bathroom insufficient and obsolete? Then you need to change the lighting in your bathroom.

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Layered lighting is required in bathrooms – ambient lights to illuminate the entire bathroom, task lights above the vanity and on the sides of the mirror as well as in the shower and toilet area etc. Task lights enable you in performing tasks like shaving, applying make-up, reading while seated on the throne etc. Then you need accents lights or decorative lights to uplift the design of the bathroom and the elements that need to be highlighted.


Lighting to show off an accent wall or decorative niche in the bathroom, cove lighting in the ceiling that casts an ethereal glow, concealed lighting beneath the tub surrounds etc fall in this category. Beautiful chandeliers and pendant lights are also part of this – for example a stunning chandelier above an equally stunning bathtub.

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Consider changing old and worn out fixtures and fittings and opt for sleek, modern ones. While you are at it you may add new fittings to uplift the design of the bathroom and make it more functional.

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Faulty and inefficient plumbing has to be attended to while renovating the bathroom. Likewise, you may need to overhaul or upgrade/ replace electrical appliances and gadgets in the bathroom.

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Remember to keep an eye on the budget while renovating the bathroom. You can easily get carried away and end up spending more than the estimated sum.





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