Bathroom Rainshower: How to choose the right one

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There are two things on top of the list that make a bathroom luxurious – rainshower and Jacuzzi ( or even  a bathtub). Well, this is just my opinion – but I’m sure that many of you would concur. However, there is no doubt that standing under a rainshower is extremely soothing and refreshing! Rainshowers facilitate water to wash over your body, just as rainfall would – hence the name. Bathrooom Rainshower

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While choosing a rainshower, you should consider some points. Picking one that suits your style and also enhances the design of your bathroom should be your goal. Keeping these points in mind would help:

Style and design of your bathroom.

Size of your shower enclosure.

The height of the ceiling – would it facilitate top mount (flush mount or suspended from the ceiling) rainshower? Would you prefer wall mount? If so, check out the angle.

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Adjustable showers with multiple jets that give full body coverage are available.

Size of the shower head – from jumbo sized to moderate sized ones; you may take your pick. There are rainshowers with adjustable water pressure as well. Large showerheads may have lower pressure in the flow of water as there are multiple nozzles. Think about how much water pressure you require. Inquire about the water pressure and flow vis a vis the size of the shower head.


Maintenance – is the shower head easily cleanable?

Do not go by the design or looks alone – assess whether it suits your style.

What shape do you prefer? Square, round, oval, rectangular….there are many shapes and sizes as well.

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What finish or material do you prefer? Rainshowers are fabricated out of many materials – ceramic, steel, porcelain, chrome, nickel, brass, bronze etc. Finishes are also varied.

Think about the durability of the material. In places with hard water metallic finishes tend to corrode easily. Materials like porcelain and ceramic need careful handling.


There are luxurious rainshowers with LED colour changing lights, soothing music with the flow of water etc. Would you like to opt for any of these or stick to standard models?

Last but not least – no matter how wide the choice is or how alluring some rainshowers may be, the bottom line is the budget. Choose a rainshower that scores on aesthetics and fits your budget as well.


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