Bathroom Mirrors: Various styles


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Choosing a mirror for the bathroom should be done with care and diligent planning in order to elevate the functionality as well as appeal of the space. There are various styles in bathroom mirrors and having proper knowledge about these would help you in making the right choice.

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Framed mirrors are available in many sizes, shapes and designs for the bathroom and these may be either hung or fixed on the wall. Unframed mirrors are also available in many shapes, sizes and designs. Unframed mirrors are ideal for niches above vanities and sinks.

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LED mirrors or lighted mirrors have caught on like wildfire in bathroom design. Since these mirrors are illuminated they augment the lighting design of the bathroom and are very useful for performing tasks, like shaving, applying makeup etc.

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Cabinet mirrors are those that are fixed on the doors of cabinets in the bathroom. You have various options here as far as size and shape goes as they depend on the size and shape of the cabinets.


There are cabinet mirrors with push feature that enable you to open the cabinet, ones with handles to open the cabinet door and sliding ones that reveal the storage space within.

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Captain’s mirror is used more as a decorative feature in bathrooms. However, in tiny bathrooms they can even perform the role of the main mirror. This mirror is round in shape and is hung on the wall from a strap.

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Shadow box mirrors have ledges that are built in; therefore these mirrors are also known as ledge mirrors. These ledges can be used for placing grooming products and other essentials required in the bathroom.
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Venetian mirrors symbolise luxury – they have decorative or ornate frames and have beautiful designs etched into the mirror. Though Venetian mirrors have ancient roots and can be traced back to the 16th century, they hold sway in the decor and design arena even today.

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Pivot mirrors are those that are fixed on hinges or pivots and can be tilted up and down and in some designs to both sides as well.

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Vanity mirror cannot be classified under main mirrors for the bathroom. However, this is a very useful addition and aids in tasks like applying makeup in a flawless manner; it generally has a magnifying mirror.  Vanity mirrors are kept on the countertop and also add to the beauty quotient of the bathroom.

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Extendable mirrors are very useful for bathrooms that face space crunch. These are fixed to the side wall, are generally two sided and have extendable arms that allow flexibility in placement. Accordion mount types extend to great lengths.


Some extendable mirrors have magnifying mirrors that aid in grooming and applying makeup. Extendable mirrors can be used with other types of mirrors like large wall mounted mirrors as well.



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bathroom design zuri - kumarakom - 019
Bathroom Mirrors: Various styles
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