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Marble flooring gives a luxurious look to any space and many homeowners opt to choose marble flooring for their bathrooms as well. Before opting for a particular type of flooring for bathrooms, it is indeed natural that many are faced with the dilemma of should we or should we not go with this flooring. This happens ever so often in the case of marble flooring. The type of flooring to choose for your bathroom is entirely up to you; however it is better to be informed about the pros and cons of the chosen material.

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Marble would certainly impart a stunning look to your bathroom – there are many types and colours to choose from. However, marble flooring can set you back quite a bit financially and it is important that you take the cost factor into consideration. Provided the flooring is maintained properly, marble flooring in bathrooms can last very long; hence, despite the initial cost it gives good value for money. Bathroom Marble flooring

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Marble is a cool stone and is therefore ideal for bathrooms in warmer zones. On the other hand, marble flooring does not have a natural give unlike hardwood or some other types of flooring.

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Marble is a high maintenance stone and one has to be prepared to maintain it in the proper manner – otherwise the beauty of the bathroom floor will fade with time. Marble flooring has to be sealed properly and periodically to maintain its good looks. Marble is a porous stone and stains and etches very easily.


This is one of the drawbacks of having marble flooring in bathrooms, where steam, water, bath and beauty products etc can damage the flooring. Any spills of grooming products should be wiped off immediately. Anything acidic would stain marble, so remember not to use acidic cleaners to clean your marble flooring. Abrasive cleaning products, scrubbers etc also would scratch the surface of the marble flooring. Use PH neutral cleansers or plain soap and water for cleaning the marble flooring in your bathrooms. Etching can be prevented to a certain extent by honing the marble flooring in your bathroom.

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Being a natural stone, marble has mineral content and the iron in the stone may turn to rust with exposure to moisture. This is another drawback of using marble for bathroom flooring, where moisture would certainly be present. However, this problem does not occur in all types of marble. Some types of marble are also prone to yellowing with age.

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Another point to consider is the possibility of accidental falls and injury – highly polished marble flooring looks good no doubt, but also becomes very slippery, especially when the bathroom floor is wet.


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