Bathroom Lighting: Options and Ideas

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Lighting is an essential element of bathroom design – aiding functionality as well as visual appeal. Bathroom lighting should not begin and end with general lighting or lighting that serves to illuminate the space as a whole. This is the most common mistake that most home owners commit and to avoid taking that path it is essential to educate oneself about the various types of lighting used in bathrooms and the role they play in bathroom design.

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For lighting design to shine to its full potential layered lighting is the solution and this holds true in lighting design for bathrooms as well. Yes, I did mention that sticking to general lighting alone would be a blunder, but I did not say that one should banish it from bathrooms. General lights or ambient lights are required to illuminate the entire bathroom. This may be ceiling mount or wall mount lights.

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Task lighting is essential in bathrooms, for all practical purposes. Whether it is to get a better view while shaving or applying make-up or performing other grooming rituals, task lights are necessary. Task lights and mirrors hold hands in bathroom design and together they improve functionality. Task lights may be in the form of wall sconces above the vanity, illuminated mirrors, lights in the shower area, pendants above the Jacuzzi or tub, lights in the toilet area etc.

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Layered lighting in bathrooms also includes accent lights and decorative lighting. Accent lighting may be used to elevate the beauty of the bathroom – this may be focussed on a stunning wall in the bathroom or a niche with a sculpture or beautiful feature or a luxurious countertop with knick knacks etc.


Decorative lighting in the form of cove lighting in the ceiling or concealed lighting in the surrounds of a luxurious bath tub or vanity etc also play a very important role in promoting visual appeal and some of these also serve as mood lighting. A stunning chandelier above the luxurious bath tub can serve as a decorative light as well as an ambient light source.

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Layer those lights in your bathroom and step up the ambience and functionality of the space in style.


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