Bathroom Design: Jacuzzi – pros and cons

A jacuzzi is indeed a luxurious and indulgent fixture. Jacuzzis/hot tubs are generally located in bathrooms; however, you may also install them in other areas like a roof-top terrace with a view etc, taking indulgence to another level altogether.

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Before installing a jacuzzi, one should weigh the pros and cons. To start with, let’s take a look at the points in favour of jacuzzis.

Raghava residence featured on Prismma

Raghava residence featured on Prismma

You can create a spa like ambience in the privacy of your own home – total relaxation and de-stressing! In addition to privacy, you may also banish any worry of hygiene that arises in a public spa.

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The numerous benefits of hydrotherapy is common knowledge. The hot water jets and whirlpool features of a jacuzzi facilitate numerous health benefits. Hot water helps in widening the blood vessels, thereby ensuring unhindered blood flow.


People suffering from arthritis, lower back pain, spondilosis and those recovering from certain types of injuries (even sports related injuries) stand to gain by using a jacuzzi.

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A Jacuzzi is an excellent addition to a home located in cold places. With a normal bathtub the worry of water turning cold quickly is present, whereas with a jacuzzi a nice long soak and relaxation is guaranteed.

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Hot water and steam from the jacuzzi humidifies the space – ideal for places that have extremely dry weather. Extreme dry conditions are known to damage skin and aggravate certain allergies.

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A jacuzzi increases the luxury quotient of the space, thereby increasing the value of the home. It enhances the ambience of the space. Additional features like built in screens, music, mood lighting etc elevates the luxury quotient further.


Now, let us take a look at the negative side of jacuzzis.

First and foremost is the cost factor – a jacuzzi is an expensive product and some models may make a massive dent in your pocket. Installation would also cost quite a bit of money. This makes it unthinkable for home owners who are designing or renovating on a moderate budget.

Installation requires expertise – faulty installation can cause never ending problems and hazards. Specialised plumbing and perfect electricals is required to prevent leaks and accidents.

A jacuzzi consumes a lot of space, so think twice before installing one in an already tight space. Drop in jacuzzis would also require surrounds that consume more space. For free standing ones, you would have to think about ways to conceal plumbing and electrical. This in turn would require additional space.

A major concern while installing a jacuzzi is whether the structure is load bearing. Most jacuzzis weigh quite a bit and when filled with gallons of water, weigh even more. Reinforcement of the structure may be possible in certain buildings; however, this spells additional cost.

Though a jacuzzi is in the privacy of your home hygiene issues cannot be negated. If regular cleaning is not done, you may become prone to allergies and other infections.

Self cleaning jacuzzis are great. However, some models emit too much noise.

Too much exposure to heat (above 104 degree F) is known to be harmful for human beings. People suffering from asthma may suffer due to the ozonators in jacuzzis. Prolonged soaking in a jacuzzi is not advisable for pregnant women and people suffering from high blood pressure.

The vapour and steam arising from a jacuzzi, humidifies the space. In the long run this may damage wood work, paint, plumbing etc. To avoid this, proper ventilation is required.

Many accidents occur in jacuzzis. Small children, old and infirm as well as those who are inebriated should never use a jacuzzi without supervision.


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