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Renovating a bathroom often means incurring a huge expense, but more importantly, it is a difficult and messy proposition in a home that you already live in. While considerable money is spent on the functional aspects like the plumbing, electricals, tiles and sanitary fittings — lack of space is often a major constraint, especially in many apartments.

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There are a few ways you can work around such limitations but the first aspect is always the layout. It is important — particularly in the case of a small bathroom—to focus on the best possible configuration, keeping in mind the visual aspects and simultaneously cater for various functional requirements.

Shankhwalker architects featured on Prismma

Shankhwalker architects featured on Prismma

A linear layout can be given some visual interest by introducing curves in the space. Large mirrors and accent lighting create a sense of space in even the most constrained square foot area.


Try and bring in natural light wherever possible — even a skylight works well.

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To maintain a synergy with the adjoining rooms while selecting tiles and colours, it may be worth your while to try and incorporate elements of design which would work well with the room decor. Both in terms of palette and theme.

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While the powder room allows for a sense of drama, areas like the master bathroom should induce relaxation and enhance comfort. Guest rooms can be given added detailing to make them interesting and colourful as they are used infrequently.

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Kids’ bathrooms can be made more fun — but do remember it has to endure a longer period of taste and style, as you are hardly likely to renovate in a hurry. One thing you could do is to use paint in the dry areas, which can be changed more frequently,with relative ease. Wallpaper can only be used where humidity is low and there is plenty of ventilation.

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In terms of the cabinetry it is best to choose something that complements the entire setting. Options vary from frosted glass panels to wood. Interesting handles add an extra pizzazz. In a small space, it is best to try and make the cabinetry merge with the walls as much as possible –- rather than accentuate the lack of space.


There are many options available for countertops and glass can be used for partitioning. Light plays a very important role in making even the smallest bathroom seem large. Using different kinds of lighting elements is a key factor in completing the design circle.

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