Bathroom Countertops: Options and how to select

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An essential fixture in bathrooms, countertops need to be chosen with care. Before looking at the various options in bathroom countertops lets zip through the points to keep in mind while selecting countertops for bathrooms.

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Take a good look at your bathroom design and also the size of your bathroom before rushing off to pick a countertop. Generally one picks a material and it is customised to suit the dimensions and style of the bathroom. Before selecting the material for the countertop, study the durability and also educate yourself on the maintenance of the same. Would a particular material suit the style and design of your bathroom as well as your lifestyle? Is the cost going to burn a hole in your pocket? Never install a huge countertop in a bathroom with space constraints – getting the size right is extremely important to increase functionality as well as visual appeal.

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Let me run you through the various types of countertops available in the market.

Tile is commonly used for bathroom countertops and this material has never gone out of fashion. Better and newer versions of tiles are in the market these days. Embossed, printed, 3D tiles, HD printed tiles etc are available in an array of designs and colours as well as finishes. Tiles that mimic the look of leather, metal, wood, bamboo and many more are available these days.


An oft repeated complaint about tile is that the grouting becomes unsightly. This happens when the grouting is not administered properly and also when regular cleaning is not undertaken. Bigger tiles solve this problem to a large extent. Grouting is also available in many shades – giving a seamless effect. Tiles are available in a wide price range and it is not difficult to find moderately priced ones that look good as well.

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Marble is a much in demand material for bathroom countertops. The beauty and luxury quotient of this stone is unsurpassed and helps to keep it on a higher plane in terms of popularity and demand. However, the cost factor may not suit many a homeowner. Marble countertops for bathrooms need to be sealed properly as well as periodically. This porous stone absorbs stains easily; hence it is high on maintenance. Abrasive cleaners, accidental splashes of cosmetics and toiletries etc may mar the beauty of marble countertops.

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Granite is cheaper than marble and is available in a very wide range in terms of colour as well as cost. It is durable and comparatively easier to maintain as well. Granite tiles and marble tiles would work out much cheaper than slabs of these stones.

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Wooden countertops for bathrooms look very classy. There are many types of wood used for countertops. These have to be properly sealed to protect from moisture as well as accidental splashes of toiletries and beauty products. They are not cheap either.

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Solid surface countertops are also good – they look like natural stone and are hardy. Engineered stone countertops are preferred by many.

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Manufactured quartz countertops are beautiful and look good in bathrooms. Quartz countertop is durable and come in many colours, widening your choice. Quartz, unlike marble and wood, does not require sealing.

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Stainless steel countertops are also good for bathrooms – they are hardy and durable and low on maintenance as well. Many contemporary and/or minimalist style bathrooms are seen sporting stainless steel countertops.

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Many types of laminates are also used for bathroom countertops. Though these are not highly priced and have a wide range in terms of types, colours and finishes, the durability factor is not as good as other expensive material. Laminates are prone to cracking and chipping with rough use.

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Soapstone, slate, travertine and limestone are also great for bathroom countertops.

Glass countertops in bathrooms look trendy and there are many types, colours, designs, varying thickness etc to choose from. Glass countertops also aid in giving the illusion of space. The price range will vary according to the type of glass, thickness etc.


Now that you’re well informed about bathroom countertops, selecting the right one for your bathroom shouldn’t be a problem at all.


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