Bangalore Artist: Aarohi Singh’s Poonchh Collection: Art with Heart

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Aarohi Singh

When an artist creates a collection inspired by a cause, her heart is in every brushstroke of design—from conceptualisation and development, to fabrication and presentation. For Bangalore artist Aarohi Singh, being a lover of dogs, the cause of the stray dog in India was something that she felt she could do something about—in her own small way. And it is these small ways and efforts that go on to change a society. Having interacted with Rakesh Shukla, the founder of VoSD(Voice of Stray Dogs) she felt that her artistic enterprise coupled with his commitment to this cause could result in something that contributes to society at large.

‘The edgy, hip and very stylish Poonchh Collection. Aarohi hopes to make stray dogs hip and stylish too, a fashion statement in themselves’

Aarohi is an artist in Bangalore who refuses to be ‘pigeonholed’ into any definition and therein lies her creative genius. She constantly strives to create art and design that is inspiring and often charts new paths in this realm, inspiring many others in the process. You may have read about her earlier in our feature here on Prismma, or even seen her products which range from desi kitsch home accessories to art on canvas. Her journey as an artist can be viewed here.

It has been four years since her first exhibition in 2008, and she has proved time and again that her multi-faceted talent as an artist explores the boundaries of design and finds new expression for you to enjoy.

aarohi singh poonchhThe Poonchh Collection

 100 Ft Boutique and Restaurant, Indiranagar

 10, 11, and 12 February 2012

The collection brings together two themes close to her heart – dogs and design. Aarohi’s first foray into accessories. The bright, colourful collection – featuring totes, clutches, wallet-cum-key-pouches, laptop cases, iPad cases, iPhone cases, and cushion covers – is themed entirely on dogs.

Not just any dogs, either. ArtByAarohi’s Poonchh Collection is exclusively about stray dogs.

aarohi singh bangalore“Stray dogs get a lot of bad press, which they do not deserve..” says Aarohi, “..after all, they are really community dogs, which protect our streets from intruders. There is a need to educate people at large about the positive role of strays, and this is one way for me as an artist to do so.”

Aarohi’s heart goes all the way to her wallet and she has generously dedicated 50% of the profits from the sales of every item in the Poonchh Collection towards the welfare of strays in perpetuity, particularly towards spaying and neutering them.

“I believe that, over time, animal birth control and better garbage disposal in our cities will help in solving the problem of strays on our streets.”

home decor bangaloreWhat is exceptional about this collection is that it has a sharp focus on one aspect of inspiration—Stray Dogs— and every single piece has been hand-crafted. As with every cause, the awareness often leads to social change and that is what Aarohi hopes to achieve with this collection.

Aarohi’s collection will make the stray dog a fashion statement of sorts. Not just frivolously, but aiming to increase awareness on this issue and seek solutions that are humane—all while retaining the style quotient of a product.

“I want people to carry the products around, and for the products to become a talking point,” says Aarohi. “Hopefully, that will set off a ripple effect, leading to increased awareness about strays, and translate eventually into better and more humanitarian care for the dogs.”

If you are in Bangalore, do drop by and check out this interesting collection and support Aarohi’s initiative. You can also view the Poonchh collection on her website.

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The Poonchh Collection by Aarohi Singh

You can view the entire collection on the link below

Poonchh Collection 2012

Stay updated on Art by Aarohi on the link below

Aarohi on Facebook

For more information:

Aarohi Singh – ArtByAarohi – ; Ph: +91 98801 98814,

Rakesh Shukla – The Voice of Stray Dogs – Ph: +91 99450 41426,

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  1. Ritu says:

    Great collection and the right cause, keep it up . Hope we all start thinking and behave in the same way….

  2. Hemant Gaekwad says:

    i like the laptop covers
    can I buy online?

  3. Shachi Rai says:

    what creativity–grt collection–a cause we all should support
    good luck arohi

  4. Jayanti says:

    Luv the concept. intrstg range.

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