Balcony Design Ideas: Urban gardens

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Balcony design ideas:

A balcony is a blessing in disguise, especially for people who live in apartments/high-rises, woefully deprived of the luxury of a green patch or open space. Irrespective of the size, a balcony may be designed to suit your personal needs, transforming it into a garden to exercise your green thumb, an entertainment area or your own personal haven.

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Once you have decided on the nature of use your balcony will be put to, you can start the transformation. Weather conditions, seasonal changes, direction of the sun etc have to be considered while designing a balcony. Also give a good thought to the amount of time you would spend there and to the time of the day you would use the space. For example, if you would be spending a lot of time during the day in the balcony, you would need an awning/sun shade as protection from the blazing sun.


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In case you are going to transform the space into a garden, you should look at the changing direction of the sun throughout the day and position the plants accordingly. Most house plants cannot tolerate strong, direct sunlight. Placement of trellises and pergolas with creepers is an effective and beautiful method of filtering sunlight and also ensuring protection against strong winds and rainwater.  Latticed grids in metal or wood also look beautiful. You may even consider blinds and chics that may be lowered whenever required.


For tiny balconies hanging planters and tiered planters fixed on walls are ideal as they consume less space. You may also install ledges against walls or banisters for holding plants. Pot holders that may be hooked on to the railings are space savers and when planted with trailing plants (flowering or non-flowering) look beautiful. Remember, a layered look helps in creating an illusion of depth.

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