Artist Delhi: Porcelain art by Manju Sinha

For the first time in Gurgaon, Manju Sinha(artist Delhi) showcases her work of hand painted porcelain and beautifully crafted glass mosaics. Art lovers can acquire one-off pieces and also place orders for customised art work to their own preferences.

porcelain art

The exhibition

Epicentre Art Gallery

10th to 12th February 2012

11am and 7pm.

One third of the proceeds of this exhibition will be donated to the Head Injury Foundation, a noble effort to train people on how to administer first aid in case of head injury.

Manju Sinha has held several solo exhibitions in London, New York, Mumbai and New Delhi which have attracted rave reviews. Her exquisite pieces of this amazing art include vases, lamps, wall murals etc. Sinha draws her inspiration from nature and her work displays wonderful flora, fauna and landscapes from around the world. She also brings a touch of her Indian heritage with depictions of Buddha, Krishna and Ganesha in her work.

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6 responses to “Artist Delhi: Porcelain art by Manju Sinha”

  1. Marise 5 says:

    I am.a proud owner of so many of ur pieces back in the days u used to come to Bombay. Do u still come here to exhibit? I love the pink flower and butterfly plate. Hoe can I order from you?

  2. manju sinha says:

    Great to see so many who like the work. I hold workshops to make this art form more popular. visit my website for more info.
    Thanks for your intrest. MANJU

  3. Soni says:

    Amazing stuff

  4. Rohit says:

    Grt wrk Manju, hope to c u soon….

  5. Jayanti says:

    very creative–nice krishna

  6. Congratulations !Manju Sinha Very pleasing works that are worth for keeps sake ! All the best wishes for the success of the show. v i n n s

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