Anuradha’s Stylish Home in Seattle

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I moved to the US eleven years ago and to my current home in Seattle five years ago. It was a tough decision and I missed India terribly. Decorating my home was the first and biggest step in making my house in the US feel like “home.”


I brought with me childhood memories……art work from my mother’s home, family heirlooms that dated back nearly a hundred years, souvenirs from trips I had made in the past, even stuffed animals from my childhood, and dozens of photographs. Over time, I developed a passion for design, décor, and photography. This led to the birth of my lifestyle blog My Dream Canvas. I have to say that my home has no particular theme or style….. It’s an ever changing canvas and has grown and matured with me over the years. However, if I had to pick a style, it would be eclectic. I love clean lines, the less clutter the better ☺ I enjoy buying furniture and artifacts that are unconventional. I don’t necessarily buy expensive things, but things that catch my eye – It could be bought at a fancy store or a flea market.

My home today embodies my Indian roots as well as the experiences that I have gained from living in the US and travelling all over the world. A vintage map of India hangs beside a Parisian lamp, and next to it, lies my great grandfather’s silver candlesticks. My home is filled with history, a place where the old and new come together in a colorful mosaic. It’s a place that makes my family and I feel loved, happy, and safe!! I hope you will enjoy a peek into my home.


66 responses to “Anuradha’s Stylish Home in Seattle”

  1. Manju says:

    always been a fan of this home! Love the brass figurine collection, one day, I hope I will have one as good as this :) voted!

  2. Shalini nandkeolyar says:

    a home is an expression of one’s inner being.Your house has that quiet, subtle elegance which is wonderful. Love your Buddha collection.

  3. What a warm, cozy space. I love the pinboard! Did you make it yourself?

  4. Shanthi says:

    Anu!!!! You know I love your home. Here is my vote.

  5. Shanthi says:

    Anu!!!! You know I love your home. Here is my vote :-)

  6. Sneha says:

    Totally love your home, especially the Budhha theme….

    Voted :)

  7. Praveen says:

    Anu, you have done up the home very well, liked the pics throughly…

  8. Anpu says:

    A beautiful home…a home to be proud of…

  9. Sumana says:

    What a gorgeous home !!! Love your sense of style. Very elegnat.I am glad that I found your blog few weeks back.

  10. shalini says:

    Been a silent reader of your blog.You have a beautiful house.Wishing you the best.

  11. Sudha says:

    I am a silent admirer of your blog!!! You have an absolutely gorgeous place. Whenever I need some inspiration for my home decor, I stop by your blog!! Great work! My best wishes.

  12. sharon says:

    Oops – I missed this one! Anu, your home is my all time fav and you have my vote! Pretty, warm, arty and inspiring – loved the new pics!

  13. vasudha says:


  14. brinda nilesh says:

    loved the clean lines, clutter free look!and ur silver ware collection is abosolutely stunning!
    best wishes.

  15. brinda nilesh says:

    ur silver ware collection is absolutely stunning!!loved the clean lines,clutter free look!!
    best wishes!

  16. radhika says:

    Beautiful house!

  17. Nayana says:

    Goregous, elegant, clutter free simple home. love it.

  18. Aditya Varma says:

    Excellent sense of style and decor. absolutely and 100% voted!!!!

  19. Gorgeous home…stunning pics!..VOTED!!!

  20. shilpa says:

    Lovely home Anu, i have always been an admirer of ur style of designing,its such a sweet blend of ur heritage, childhood, travels and of course Seattle…:-)

  21. Shikha says:

    Beautifully pics. Very nicely decorated..reflects your personal touch. Awesome.
    I have always admired your sense of style.

  22. Ni says:

    Absolutely love these pictures. The second picture is very pretty. The comment counts as vote. Right?

  23. Tara says:

    I have admired your house right from the day I first saw it in pictures.. & In this feature I simply loved your buddha collection.. how many of them do you have lady.. awesome.

  24. Out Of Ours says:

    Gorgeous house! Definitely a vote from me! Good luck, Robyn

  25. shalini says:

    Love how elegant and refined your home looks Anuradha.

  26. Sharbari says:


  27. Emreen says:

    How could I not vote for such a gorgeous home ?!!?? .. …. Loved the elephant candles,,, the buddha collection…and gorgeous flowers… !!! My favorite are the last 3 snaps…

    COUNT my vote In…too……………

  28. Pooja says:

    It is a tastefully decorated home with a balanced mix of things from all over. None of it overpowers you and it still feels like a lived-in home! I remember being with you when some of the pieces were bought so know the thought behind each purchase.Your Tanjore painting is one of a kind!

  29. Reshma Jayappa says:

    I have always been a great fan of your style Anu.. Love your home!! voted :)

  30. Swathi says:

    Lovely home,good luck Anu

  31. Shakunthala Ramesh says:

    Voted :-) Very Beautiful …

  32. Chinmayi says:

    Love it so lovely!

  33. Sandeep Nandkeolyar says:

    Very nice!! Voted :-)

  34. purplehomes says:

    stunning…both your home and the pics. The vintage map corner being my absolute fav.

  35. Rama Ananth says:

    I love your Elephant candle stand. Lovely home.

  36. Bhavna says:

    Has to be a favorite! It’s the home of one of my favorite blogging friends :)

  37. Geetha says:

    Of course voted! :-)

  38. Jayant says:

    A lovely home. But then I expected this of Anuradha.

  39. Sandeep says:

    Everything looks gorgeous :-)

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