Amazing Diwali decoration ideas for your home

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Diwali is a very important festival for Indians and the festive spirit at that time of the year is somewhat infectious! Homes are spruced up and decorated to welcome Lord Ram returning from vanvas (according to mythology Diwali (deepawali) – the festival of lights is celebrated to welcome Lord Ram returning from vanvas after 14 years). Fasting, partying and distribution of sweets as well as giving and receiving gifts – all these make the life and soul of Diwali. Here are 10 decoration tips to make your home look more festive during Diwali. Diwali decoration ideas

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As Diwali is the festival of lights, let me shine some light on this aspect, to begin with. String twinkling fairy lights on the gate, on the shrubs in the garden, along the drive and pathways if any.  Apartment dwellers may decorate the balcony railings, terrace railings, pergolas and other structures and entryway with fairy lights. This simple method will usher in the festive look in a jiffy.

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There are many decorative lights to choose from – for the outdoors as well as for the spaces indoors. Antique style lantern lights look good in the outdoor areas. You may even go for terracotta lanterns and lights with cutwork patterns or even rock lights – these look beautiful when paired with plants. Craft unique lights with empty bottles and jars, fit them with light bulbs or use them as votive candle holders.

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Decorate with candles, they certainly add to the festive look – there are many shapes and sizes and colours to choose from.  A floating arrangement in a traditional copper container or an urli in brass or bell metal at the entrance will make for striking décor – float decorative candles along with flowers or petals of marigold, roses etc. Votive candles and t-lights may be used on the dining table, side tables etc and even to decorate platters for serving snacks or sweets. LED candles are available in various sizes and shapes – use them outdoors or indoors. Line the pathway from the entrance with LED candles on either side, there are ones that are remote controlled.

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Diwali and diyas are inseparable! Go ahead and light up your home with decorative diyas – you may use them anywhere and everywhere in your home. Just make sure that you adhere to safety rules. Decorate your doorway with diyas, make use of them for table décor or even place them in the middle of snack platters.

Rangoli made with flowers and leaves, coloured powders, grains etc at the entryway will make an apt decoration for Diwali, enhancing the festive look. Add a little bling in the form of glitter powder; it looks good especially at night. You may even decorate a portion of the coffee table in the living room, with rangoli. This may be done on a glass (clear) topped coffee table with a sunken base that has concealed cable lighting within. The rangoli will show through the clear glass top, creating a beautiful effect.


Use flowers in abundance and spread festive cheer. Marigolds are the favourite pick for Diwali décor. Use marigold garlands to decorate the entrance, string them onto pelmets and curtain rods, use them in floating arrangements, scatter the petals along the sides of walkways, use them for dining table décor with diyas…..the options are many.


You may also use other flowers for arrangements and décor. Incorporate greenery into the décor, use potted plants to enhance the festive décor.


Make an innovative ‘thoran’ for the entrance of your home, incorporating fresh flowers, leaves and coloured glass beads. Multi-coloured bangles may be strung together in an artistic manner to make ‘thoran’.


Decorate with idols of Lakshmi-Ganesha – use them not only to decorate puja thalis but also to add a festive look to your living/dining space. A large sculpture (in stone, terracotta, wood or metal) of Ganesha decked with marigolds and accompanied by diyas, lamps or candles will look striking at the entrance.


If you have traditional oil lamps, this is the time to take them out, polish them and incorporate them into your Diwali decoration. Deck them with flowers, place them with a beautiful rangoli or in the center of your dining table – just use your imagination and create stunning effects with lamps.

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Decorate gift boxes and boxes of sweets with hand-painted Ganesha motifs (or any other apt design) or stencils. Use sheer fabrics like tissue with a touch of brocade to make gift pouches.

Go ahead and incorporate unique ideas while decorating your home this Diwali and make your home look more festive!!!

20 responses to “Amazing Diwali decoration ideas for your home”

  1. Nehal says:

    Use your old jars, cover them up with rope, cut out paper designs or stick a strip of lace around it to give your home a cute cosy look

  2. rohit choudhary says:

    As diwali is a festival of lights , sweets n love. So dear readers decorate yor swet home wid a lots of flowers , lights n earthen pots……you people can make rangoli at the enterance of yor house which will add a glow to the festival.a flower garland can also be hung on yor name plate so as to signify peace .floatings diyas can be putted into a bowl wid flowrr petals n can be putted anywhere in the house .moreover smokeless candles can be used in house itself for fresh fragrance . A bandhan can be hung on main door to attract goddess laxmi .led lights shuld be used for outer decoration. Mandir shuld be decorated with coloured chunni n flowers . Best f luck n enjoy the festival

  3. Shreya says:

    I use lots ond lots of color in all ways possible. This year i used colour duppattas in bandhani print and used them as table covers with silver thalis on display with sweets etc.

    • Lata says:

      chunnis and sarees make decor more festival like. i don’t use with lamps as they can get burnt but i use for other items like thalis and hanging on doors. nice idea

  4. Jyoti says:

    I put all my silver and brass curios polished and displayed. with candles they really shine and sparkle.

  5. Laxmi S says:

    In South India we use a lot of uralis for decor. Also brass lamps in various sizes. These are polished to sparkle shine and then used to decorate corners of the home. I use the uralis to float candles and flowers. Kolam is also a favorite. But this is done closer to Diwali.

    • Daulat says:

      I didn’t know what an urali was. Did some research and it is a great decor idea even otherwise. How do you keep it shining?

    • Gunjan says:

      I also love to use urlis in home decorating. They look really nice especially with floating candles and flowers.

  6. Niharika Singh says:

    I have done all the usual things like lights…candles…flowers…and other things you have written in the article. But I also finally managed to get all the art…photos…wall decor items… lying for a long time, got them framed and have now put them up on the walls in every room. Rooms look so much better… earlier the walls were looking very empty. Finally…I managed to complete this task before Diwali.

  7. Kapil Shivdasani says:

    My wife got lots and lots of genda phool and clay diyas. house is festive. also put lights on tall plants in living room. will take pics and send.

  8. Pratima Tyagi says:

    Most people do lights but i thought something different for this year. I got a fountain for the lobby and put plants around this and there are also 7 lanterns hanging which are in nice colors. As soon as you enter it has a very nice effect. If I get time I will also get some thing for floating candles and put that on the floor.

  9. Hema Saravanan says:

    I have used multicolor bead cutains right near entrance.lamps and diays next to it. looks even more lovely at night as light reflects more.


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