About Us

Prismma is an online digital magazine and website dedicated to interior design, décor, home living, travel and lifestyle.

The website and magazine were launched simultaneously on 04 April 2011. It is perhaps appropriate that the first issue was ‘born’ in spring—the season of renewal and rebirth. It is the only one of its kind in India and showcases interior design, décor, lifestyle and home living on an accessible platform in multiple formats.


Mission statement

The concept is to showcase space and style and create a platform where industry professionals and design enthusiasts drive content. Its very essence is one of interaction, collaboration and expression. Prismma is not just about spaces and products, because from the core to the periphery, design is essentially about individuals–their creativity and enterprise. Prismma puts the individual centre-stage.


Prismma has two formats

The Magazine:

The traditional format experienced in contemporary technologies. The focus is on the visual element.

The Website:

The modern website format allows the reader to search for specific content, find information they find relevant and access all the features at their convenience. The focus here is navigation by readers based on relevance and context.

Cornerstones–Information: Inspiration: Interaction

Time is at a premium in the day and age we live in. People want to access information and inspiration in a technology of their choice.

Prismma enables them to enjoy design and décor while putting the reins in their hands.

Encouraging interactivity, Prismma engages with its readership constantly and strives to bring readers and industry professionals together— no longer restricted by the boundaries of geography. The effort has been to get people to share their creativity—inspiring readers and design enthusiasts alike and bringing an element of connectivity that takes design out of its ivory tower.



The features span various aspects of home living and interior design. Delving beneath the surface to experience the way living spaces are defined, bringing various perspectives—homeowners, entrepreneurs, designers, photographers, artists and retailers—each sharing their unique vision. The aim is to showcase their individual style and present it in a manner that is both informative and inspiring. The focus has been to reveal the ‘face’ and the ‘mind’ behind the products and designs—exploring not just the space but the soul of its being. The idea being that personality should never be disconnected from anything creative.


Travel, heritage and lifestyle

Given that our environment has a huge role to play in shaping our perspective, Prismma also has a section dedicated to culture and heritage—various experiences that influence our aesthetics and leave an imprint on many of our creative exploits. Travel and hospitality form an equally important part of the project, because they influence our lifestyle in several ways.



We have had a fabulous response and appreciate the support and encouragement received from fans and well-wishers. It renews our faith in the concept of Prismma and motivates us to bring the readership content that they will value.

The readership is mainly that of an internet-savvy generation, that is consuming most of its information online and is looking for ‘relevant access’ —information they need, inspiration they seek and interactivity they engage—at their convenience.



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