3D Interior Visuals: Interior Design Projects


3D interior visuals have certainly changed the face of architecture and interior design.


There are times when designers find themselves on the horns of the dilemma, when they are unable to transfer their vision (of the design) to the clients.

For the common man, without any design background or know-how, it may be a little daunting to imagine a space by just looking at sketches and plans.


3D visualisations have made it easy for the designers as well as the clients – for the former to explain and actually ‘show’ the end result and for the latter to understand and ‘see’ the final result.


3D interior visualisations add another dimension to design and décor. Architects and designers are able to show the clients how different textures, colours and furniture look – both in artificial light as well as in daylight. Viewing various settings of furniture and accessories is also possible, thereby enabling the clients to weigh the different options before making the final choice. Advanced software has taken 3D rendition to new heights.

Charu Gupta of Interior Medini has many noteworthy projects to her credit. Charu describes how 3D visualisation and interior design go hand-in-hand these days.


She says that clients are more conscious about interiors and that they request 3D visualisation before the execution of a project, to enable them to actually visualise the space and what it would look like eventually.


This talented designer mentions that they (Interior Medini) always give the option of 3D visualisation to their clients, so as to avoid any confusion resulting in stalling of the project invariably. Charu also adds that changes may be made on site, if situation demands and this is done after discussion with the client.

Prior to showing the 3D design, at the first meeting and discussion with the client, rough sketches are made according to the space, explains Charu. Then the client’s basic requirements and colour choices are discussed after which the basic 3D design is made.


Since this is normally done at the initial stages of the project, the client can get necessary changes made by looking at the various concepts, colour combinations and design details.

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