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Prismma is India’s 1st online magazine and website dedicated to interior design, home décor and architecture in India. It also covers Indian crafts, heritage, travel, cuisine and lifestyle. The idea is to enable readers to experience creativity and enterprise as defined by perspectives that are inspirational and individualistic. The cornerstones of Prismma are —information, inspiration and interaction. The features span various aspects of home living and interior design in India. Delving beneath the surface to experience the way living spaces are defined, bringing various perspectives. The aim is to showcase a unique style, and present it in a manner that is both informative and inspiring. Given that our environment has a huge role to play in shaping our perspective, Prismma also has a section dedicated to Indian culture and heritage—various experiences that influence our aesthetics and leave an imprint on many of our creative exploits. Travel and hospitality form an equally important part of Prismma, because they influence our lifestyle choices in several ways. The culinary segment has its focus on the heart of the home—the kitchen. In more ways than one, Prismma brings the reader an entirely new experience, designed to reflect the evolving dynamics of an internet-savvy readership. We aim to deliver a high value product with our primary focus being content. The website is an information and inspiration resource available at the reader’s fingertips.